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Kota stone tiles in bedrooms

  • Posted on: 18 July 2022
  • By: admin

Give a new life to your bedrooms with our Kota stone tiles. Mandana stone company offering you the best Quality Kota stone tiles, which will enhance the beauty of your bedrooms and will surely make it the room of your dreams. Kota stone tiles are setting a new trend as the demand of this stone is increasing rapidly for indoors. Kota stone tiles have been satisfying both the aspects of the people who want beauty with strength. With us you can get the best quality, which serves your purpose, and help you to make your home, unique and beautiful as well .

Kota Stone Flooring Tiles Supplier

  • Posted on: 17 March 2022
  • By: admin

It is very popular today to use stone tiles in one's construction. They are not only sturdy and durable, but they are also cost-effective. The most unique thing about them is their elegance and uniqueness. Stone tiles can add style to your interior as well as exterior, with their simplistic designs.

Kota stone flooring price

  • Posted on: 23 October 2021
  • By: admin

Kota stone flooring cost or price depends on different factors e.g. tile thickness, dimensions, colors, location and finishes etc. Installation process and labour cost also effect flooring cost. Tile edge cut is also a price factor, a natural hand cut tile flooring cost you less while machine cut edge cost you hight as that need more time for installation.

Types of Flooring

Colors of Kota Stone

  • Posted on: 19 October 2021
  • By: admin

Kota stone genuinely available in only two colors, Blue and Brown, but yes there is always color variations. Means Blue and brown kota stones may have different shades.

When some one say Kota Green its mean he is talking about the same Kota Blue, actually kota blue is not the blue we see in real life, it has a greenish blue color tone. As kota stone always have color variations and some time we can see more green tone, but it happen rarely. Similarly brown kota stone some time available in more yellowish green color or some time in honey colors but still it is kota brown.